Year: 2013


Format: softcover

Condition: new


First edition of 300 copies with 15 track CD featuring unreleased music by Nomex, Yann Novak, Zbigniew Karkowski, eRikm & FM Einheit and more. Rafal Kochan's Encyclopaedia Of Industrial Music is an intriguing proposition: a 124-page book defining "Industrial Music" at its widest parameters. This third volume spans J thru N, from Jack or Jive to Nyodene D (nope us neither), with interesting inclusions such as Friedrich Nietzsche sharing page space with The New Blockaders, for example, in a fine attempt to connect all the roots and branches of such a sprawling and multi-faceted genre-not-genre. Essentially it's building a larger picture, one which draws lines between political, moral and religious ideologies, academics, philosophy, rather than making links solely through musical aesthetics.

Encyclopedia Of Industrial Music vol. III