Publisher: Collectors press

Year: 2006

Format: hardback

Condition: vintage



Remember the days of mood rings, mini-skirts and macho, macho man? Take a trip back to the 1970s - a time when disco, flower power and flamboyancy were the ultimate fashion statement. From platforms to polyester, corduroy to caftans, 70s fashion Fiascos is a kitsch compendium to the "me decade" of groovy fashion, hip home décor and outrageous fads. If you had a Pet Rock, Farrah Fawcett poster, Mork's rainbow suspenders you'll love this collectible volume packed with full-color photographs of the wildest ensembles, tripped-out hairdos, smokin' jewelry and accessories, plus a handy resource buying guide to help you recreate your own far-out 70s fashion statement. 

70s Fashion Fiascos